Finance Update

As we begin to close out 2016, your Finance Committee felt it was important to provide the status on Finances year-to-date.  Overall our church is strong financially.  This is a result of YOUR generosity, wise management on expenditures by each Committee, and sound financial planning by your Finance Committee.  However, even with all this, we once again are ending the year $12,194 (2 months) short of being able to pay our Apportionments.  Below are some figures for the year.

Contributions to support Operations $261,600
Fees from Pre-School to support Operations $  11,000
Funds from Endowment to support Evangelism $  18,400

Why is it important we pay our Apportionments?

  • The United Methodist Church works as a connection. Apportionments are the fuel that makes it possible for the church to make a difference in the world.
  • The United Methodist Book of Discipline has this to say about the importance of the financial obligations to apportionments: “Payment in full of these apportionments by local churches and annual conferences is the first benevolent responsibility of the Church.”
  • Highland received grants from the District and Conference Apportionments the past 2 years to support “The Way.”

We are asking each of you to prayerfully consider making an additional contribution to Apportionments before the end of 2016. If we do not collect the full amount to meet this commitment, we will have to reach into our reserves to meet our obligation.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your generosity and faithful giving to support the many missions of Highland.

Yours in Christ,
Mike Coleman, Finance Chair